Google Drive

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Google Drive is what in laymen's terms can be called Google's cloud based storage services. By setting up a Google account for free, you'll be able to use Google Drive also for free. If you're not interested in paying (as most users are) you can enjoy up to 5 GB of storage space for documents, photos, spreadsheets, presentations, and media files. Those who're willing to pay subscription fees will be able to enjoy greater storage space.
The minute you open your Google Drive you'll be able to see the items you've stored there, files others have shared with you, files you've set as available even offline, and additional information. You can even use Google Drive through mobile devices, access files you've stored, and even edit some of them. A great advantage is the ability to upload files directly from your mobile device onto Google Drive.
Using Google Drive you don't have to just upload files onto it, but you can also create certain types of files on Google Drive itself. Later, you can share them, edit them, or perform any number of tasks with them.
However, relaying on Google Drive's storage services subjects you to Google's less than tolerant approach towards what Google deems as violations of its policy. Sometimes, even when violating no rule or guideline, your account can get suspended, rendering your stored content inaccessible.
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